Monday, January 17, 2011

Home's Still Cool In 2011

I wish there were fun gadgets when I was a child to use with my schooling and make learning that much more interesting and accessible. The Young Lady and the Little Boy have such a wealth of information right at their fingertips all the time. I'll admit that I often become jealous and begin to flip through the courses offered online in the mailings we receive from local colleges. When knowledge is so readily available, who wouldn't be excited about taking it all in?
I honestly feel that Suaemoc offers so much more to my children that sending them off to a public institution because of technology. In a public school environment, you don't see the children making complete use of what's available to them through these amazing mediums. As homeschooled youths, a question gets asked and it opens up the opportunity for exploration. The children have fun trying to find their answers and many times it leads to more questions, more answers, and an inspiring growth of creativity. When learning isn't confined, children flourish.
Tell me you wouldn't have been more inclined to read "The Scarlet Letter" if you could lay in a comfortable place with your Kindle! The Young Lady and the Little Boy don't have one, but if I had the money it would be a serious consideration to add this device to our homeschooling materials. One bonus would be availability, since the Young Lady and I have been to the local library on several occasions to try to get a book that's required for her course and it's never there.
Am I saying it's necessary to have the latest and greatest in order to successfully homeschool? Not at all! Simply having internet access opens up endless possibilities in learning. Something as simple as this wasn't even available to me as a student.
God has given us these amazing brains which are just hungry for information. Technology empowers us to feed our brains with so much! Yes, there are places we don't want to go to, but a properly trained conscious, along with the loving, watchful eye of "mom", will enable our course to keep clear of the ditches. This is why I happily allow the children to explore and encourage them to "look it up" when they wonder. Every "why" can lead to a fascinating adventure in education! 8)

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