Friday, May 21, 2010

Wrapping Up

Workbooks have been completed and final tests have been taken. Unbelieveably, Suaemoc is wrapping up the homeschool year for the summer. Learning, of course, never ends. Little Boy and Little Miss don't need to know that. ;)
It's pretty safe to say that Little Miss has graduated middle school and is, dare it be said, a high schooler. She'll be starting high school through American Academy with a career focus on Horse Management in the fall.
The Little Boy will be a 4th grader this autumn. It will be easier to focus on his curriculum with Little Miss's instruction being mostly provided through the American Academy. He's going to need to work on creative writing and developing ideas. The Little Boy is so intelligent and really demonstrates a love for mathematics. As everyone has one subject which proves to be their bump in the road, writing is not his forte. Hopefully, including more theocratic assignments will help him develop his abilities in this area in the coming year.
Suaemoc will be busy over the next couple of months. There'll be a rearranging of the classroom, including a change of location, yet to be determined, a lot of preparation for the 2010-2011 homeschool year, and the non-formal summer homeschooling that will be taking place. Of course, we're looking forward to our first-annual hosting of the Homeschool Summer Pool Party in July. :D We will also be sorting through our materials and gathering things together for the traditional homeschoolers' book swap in August.
So, while blog updates will be less frequent throughout the coming months, Suaemoc will be keeping busy. Have a happy and safe summer, Suaemoc followers! :)