Saturday, November 14, 2009

Suaemoc's New Classroom

Our new classroom is all put together! :) Mind you, it's not in a new apartment, but it has been relocated to a different room.
We also have a classroom mascot! Her name used to be "Lucy", but the little boy decided he wanted to name her "Bob". Well, since it was decided long ago that Miss Goldfish was, in fact, a MISS, "Bob" just wasn't going to do. So, he settled on calling her "BOBRA". :P
She used to be in a very small 1.5 gallon tank on the bathroom sink, but she has gotten way too big for that! When we obtained a 5 gallon tank from Freecycle, we just needed to find the perfect place for it. All were for moving her to Suaemoc after the classroom was finished being moved and agreeably, she fits in perfectly. :D
Suaemoc is bigger and brighter and is definitely more functional now. Each of the precious little learners has their own side ~ including their own white board, divided for more privacy for each of them. We feel this will do wonders in creating a more effective learning atmosphere and we're eager to have our first lessons in our new room.
It is undoubtedly going to be a wonderful winter at Suaemoc. :)