Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Little Boy's Ready To Go

September's on the doorstep, which means we're heading toward my favorite time of the year! :) AUTUMN!!
Of course, autumn traditionally means it's time to hit the books. The Young Lady's all set with her 9th grade course and now, the Little Boy's all signed up for his 4th grade course, as well.
I decided to go with The Calvert School this year. I enrolled the Little Boy in their fourth grade scholastic program and am pretty excited to have him begin the program. They offer a fully accredited homeschool program that meets very high educational standards. The Calvert School has been recognized as a premier provider of homeschool curriculum and support services for over one hundred years.
I chose the Calvert Scholastic Curriculum for the Little Boy because it's still challenging, but provides extra support in grammar, composition, and critical thinking. This is a different approach than the more 'freestyle' one we took last year, but our entire world has changed this year. The Young Lady will be pretty much on her own with her courses online, and this way, I'll have everything planned out for me with the Little Boy's studies through Calvert. It's a bit pricey, but I believe this will be a fantastic educational program for him. :)
Happy Back To School!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Beginning!

It's been a majorly eventful summer. One our family won't ever forget, but sadly, not because it was full of fun family adventures.
If you aren't aware of what happened, you may refer to my other blog: http://robsprogress.blogspot.com.
The process of getting the 2010-2011 school year off and running has been very slow. I barely have our new classroom put together. All the plans for curriculum, a computer, and field trips have been scratched for the time being. It'll happen eventually, but we're definitely off to a slower-than-I'd-like start.
However, the Young Lady's 9th grade high school enrollment through the American Academy has been completed. She's enrolled in the career-focus high school diploma with Horse Management. :) It'll be a breeze for her!
I chose the materials for the Little Boy's 4th grade curriculum a while ago, but I didn't have the money to order. I will have to go through the materials again, but I know it'll be Spectrum, mixed with a lot of theocratic lessons. ;)
Is anyone else getting off to a late start this year? I usually start at the beginning of August because, once spring rolls around, it's hard to contain the children ~ especially the Young Lady. Spring means horse show season!