Thursday, March 31, 2011

❀◕‿◕❀ April Showers ❀◕‿◕❀

Suaemoc survived New England's winter of 2011! 8D Spring's rejuevenation inspires new ideas and creativity. It also brings forth the opportunity for outdoor exploration again and doing fun springtime projects. 8)
As with last year, a foal is on its way at the farm, expected to arrive before the end of April. The mare, named "Stormy", is getting settled into the birthing stall. After the winter we had, "Stormy's" foal should be named something like, "Surviving the Storms", "After the Storms", or maybe "Too Many Storms!" ;P In any event, the birth of a horse never gets old and is an especially grand learning experience for the Young Lady with her equine career goals. We appreciate the opportunities like this which don't come to a public school classroom.
The experience of birthing a foal is in line with how Suaemoc is embracing life and loss, as our hamster fell asleep in death over the winter. Our respect for God's creatures caused us to want to place her in a small box in our freezer until she could be properly buried. This, too, brought forth the Little Boy's curiousity to learn how the freezer keeps things from going bad for a while. He conducted some experiments on mold growth and learned about the factors necessary for molds to grow. He has now become a little obsessed with expiration dates and keeping things fresh. ;)
The children are being encouraged to take initiative and venure outside of their comfort zones. As always, we're keeping focused on valuing morals and responsibility. Striving to strengthen our convictions to uphold high standards for ourselves is also driving us to take advantage of the nicer weather and take part in cleaning up our neighborhood. Hopefully, we'll have an impact on others. It's important to take care of our community in whatever ways we can and the children are learning that it just takes one person to begin a chain of making a difference. 8)
This year, we've seen the brain's and body's incredible power to heal, giving a hard lesson in determination. As we enter springtime, renewal and revitalization sprouts forth, and no matter how many changing seasons we see in our lifetime there's always going to be amazing wonderment to behold and learn from.

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  1. tomorrow--april 22 is earth is also the day that grampa passed away.