Saturday, November 27, 2010

Paper Snowflakes ~ A Learning Experience! :)

Every December 1st, Suaemoc decorates for the winter season with snowflakes and snowmen in the windows and in the yard. One of our favorite activities to prepare for decorating is making paper snowflakes. :)
Is it possible to incorporate learning into this fun wintertime craft?
Absolutely! ;)
There are cool scientific things to know about snowflakes. There are factors which influence the shape and size of a snowflake. You can discuss geography by talking about the coldest places on earth. Explore why we should care about snow types through an investigation why avalanches happen. Discuss the 7 main classifications of snow crystals, then when it snows you can collect snowflakes on a sheet of paper. Before they melt, look at the crystals under a microscope or powerful magnifying glass to try to find all 7 basic snowflake shapes. Explore how plant and leaf development resembles snowflake formation and reflect on the magnificence of the One who created all these things. :) Research the chemistry of falling snow.
Enjoy fascinating high-resolution images of snowflakes while exploring the wonders of such beautiful precipitation. :)
For more creative snowflake making ideas and learning resources, visit Happy learning! :D

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