Saturday, November 27, 2010


One of the five themes of geography is movement. The Little Boy is learning about moving from place to place and the movement of goods, sounds, and ideas.
To help him use grid coordinates in locating specific places or determine relative location, I created 'Suaemoc "Rows and Columns"' for him to play. This is a hands-on way for the Little Boy to understand how a grid is used to organize space.

I affixed a small baggie to hold the star markers I made for the game. An alternative to game place could be to use jelly beans, popcorn, or fruit snacks. You call out a set of coordinates and have the child put the edible marker in the appropriate space. Once the child has a full row or column, the grid markers get to be eaten. :)
You can also integrate mathematics to take the game further by listing correct answers with corresponding coordinates. Plan out the coordinates to make a shape. Ask the child what shape has been created by the correct answers on the grid. :) Really, the possiblities are endless as to how you can creatively use this game in your home classroom! ;)

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