Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This year is going by so fast! The Young Lady has been working very hard on her freshman year assignments in both English and Earth Systems and has both subjects nearly completed. We are new to the high school homeschool scene, so we are unsure of when the next subjects will become available for her to begin, but she has definitely found her course to be a challenge thus far. It's good for her. I did choose the two most involved courses to start her off with, too, so the remainder of ninth grade should be a breeze for her.
The Little Boy's love of science is really flourishing. We recently added a sixty-nine piece microscope set to Suaemoc. He loves it!
I think Daddy's just as "into it" as the Little Boy is. :P They have been looking at slides of different animal fibers, textiles, and a fly wing. The camel fibers look really neat, and now the Little Boy's interested in finding out why they are the way they are. (Bubbled.) It is exciting to see him so interested in exploring his world. :)
Suaemoc is also experimenting with brewing our own root beer. The Little Boy is much more excited about this adventure than the Young Lady, but surely she will enjoy the end result just as much. ;) We are only in the beginning phase of the process - the very beginning, in fact. We have cleaned and sterilized our bottles and are letting them air dry. The entire brewing process should take about two weeks. In the interim, the children will brainstorm a name for our root beer and design the bottle labels for Suaemoc's creation. :)


  1. That all sounds like so much fun, and sure the root beer will be tastie too. Hugs lin

  2. maybe joel will be some kind of scientist someday! i love science too. and the rootbeer -- i remember my mother made that also and she had a bottle capper too! she made grape juice from grapes by charlottes, and her own was pretty interesting. she also made rock candy! this is cool hun♥