Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Why do you homeschool?"

Hundreds of thousands of parents in the United States are teaching their children at home rather than sending them to school. Homeschooling is gaining popularity among parents who are concerned about drugs and crime in public schools and about a decline in the quality of teachers. What is my reason? Mary and Joseph had six other children after Mary gave birth to Jesus, and Mary was a spiritually minded woman. I endeavor to imitate Mary’s fine example of working hard and selflessly to fulfill Scriptural obligations. I strive to be a devoted wife and mother who displays patience and endurance, keeping spiritual matters ahead of my own desire for comfort and pleasure. I know, as Mary did, that worshipping God together with my children strengthens and unifies the family. Proverbs 22:6 tells parents to "train up a boy according to the way for him; even when he grows old he will not turn aside from it." God requires parents to train their children. He wants children to be happy, as Ecclesiastes 11:9 brings out: "Rejoice...in your youth, and let your heart do you good in the days of your [youth]." In the world today, young ones are often marred by painful mistakes and bad judgment that can leave deep emotional scars. Children tend to imitate their parents, either for good or for bad. So, as a parent, I want to be setting a good example by centering my life and decisions on true worship. God’s law must first be our family's priority so that our children become God-fearing children. By striving to apply Bible principles in everyday matters, Little Miss and the Little Boy should be able to conclude that Bible principles are really important and practical. As a Christian parent, I realize that my children require more than material things. I don't want my children taught to pursue goals that would serve only for their material advantage, in harmony with the counsel found in Ecclesiastes 7:12, which states, "wisdom is for a protection the same as money is for a protection; but the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom itself preserves alive its owners." Jesus taught his disciples to make spiritual values and pursuits their priority. (Matthew 6:33) Therefore, in imitation of Jesus, I also strive to cultivate in my children a desire to pursue spiritual goals. I want my children to have wholesome associations and to become acquainted with those who share enthusiasm about the joys of serving Jehovah. As my blog profile lists, I believe homeschooling means having a pro-active lifestyle based on our Christian beliefs and values. The children gain positive social skills, such as leadership, humor, empathy, reasonableness, reverence for life, selflessness, joy, and good work ethic. They learn to be discerning and use good judgment based on their Bible-based training. Children are a gift from God and I want Little Miss and the Little Boy to want to please God by learning his ways, and to make it their goal to live in harmony with his purpose. My children know they can trust me to do what's best for them even if it's hard for me, and I won't turn my back on them. When love and skill work together, you can expect a masterpiece. I seek to help my children develop a mind that knows Jehovah and a heart that loves him. Jesus spent time with children and was interested in their thoughts and feelings. Jesus also provided children with a fine example of interest in spiritual things. There is too much pressure to succeed in today’s world. I want to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of my children. I want to help them set reasonable goals and help them reach those goals. If children’s emotional needs are not met at home, they will go elsewhere for the affection and recognition they crave. I want to foster a spiritual environment for my children. “Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need,” said Jesus Christ.—Matthew 5:3. I want the best for my children because I love them and I love Jehovah. I want to be their example, companion, communicator, and teacher, helping my children form close personal relationships with Jehovah God. Their relationships with God will encourage them to be happy as Christians, striving to live up to their faith even when faced with temptations. I want to help them appreciate this precious relationship. No school is going to do that.

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