Monday, March 8, 2010

Meteorologically speaking...

Always striving to focus on things which are most appealing to the children, Suaemoc now includes weather reporting.
The Little Boy has exhibited profound interest in science; particularly weather. He loves to be hands-on, so the integration of Suaemoc’s Weather Chart is a fun opportunity for him to individually contribute to the classroom.
As our “meteorologist,” he will need to be attentive to the evening newscast and/or research online to obtain the weather outlook. We all know how changeable the forecast can be, so it will be important that he makes sure our classroom’s weather chart is accurate each day and that changes to the weather images are made accordingly.The Little Boy has Suaemoc’s Weather Chart all set up for the current week as forecasted at present. He’s looking forward to fulfilling his weather responsibilities for our classroom, and we are certainly looking forward to his valuable assistance. :)

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