Monday, March 22, 2010

Fewer than 50 days left already?!?!

It is hard to believe that there are less than 50 school days left to the year already. Time flies when you're having fun, so the saying goes. And no ~ I'm not saying it humorously as if I am not enjoying myself. :P
Interestingly, we still have new things happening at Suaemoc. Gearing up for the Suaemoc 'Home's Cool' Farm is exciting. We decided to add a few crops to it. Onions, parsley, and basil seeds are anxiously waiting to be planted in our farm, along with the beets, carrots, and beans seeds. Yes ~ you look at the adorable little packages of seeds on our table and you can tell they can't wait to grow and thrive in Suaemoc 'Home's Cool' Farm. :D We don't have our tomato seedlings yet, but we're sure they'll be equally as anxious to make their way into our farm. ;)
We got a new game, which the Little Boy and I played together for the first time yesterday. To quote LB, "This is fun!" It's Homeschoolopoly. The first thing I noticed and loved about this game is the disclaimer: “2 to 6 Players—Ages *8 to Adult *Homeschoolers tend to be advanced, so ages may vary.” Awesome...
You choose your game piece (either a little girl, little boy, rocking chair, bicycle, globe, or a dog) and being at “Home Sweet Homeschool.” You work your way around the board, landing on fun squares such as “Field Trip”, where you get to collect all the money from the middle of the board paid to “Public School Tax” or the “Family Vacation Fund.” There are opportunities to buy things like a “Family Bus.” Landing on “Grace” and “Mercy” cards gives you the chance to get to participate in a Homeschool Talent Show, Win the Spelling Bee, get a Park Day Card and more. The game revolves around homeschooling and the companies specializing in homeschool materials, publications, and support, as well as homeschool events, the worries that keep us up at night, and the truancy officer that sends you straight to court – do not pass home sweet homeschool, do not collect $200. :P I was able to find new homeschooling resources while playing the game with the Little Boy because the deed cards contain information about the companies. The houses and hotels are stacks of books and Keys to Knowledge ~ how fun! We were playing for almost three hours, though, and did not finish. While there is a "quick play" version in the directions, the game might best be played over the course of several days. (Or with more than two players ~ just a thought.)
The Little Boy finished the Place Values portion of States by the Numbers. He really likes learning the information about Connecticut while doing the math problems. The math is an easy review of skills for him, but we love the twist of adding in social studies. The Little Boy thinks it's neat. :)
Little Miss is completely finished with almost half of her 8th grade books. While planning for the Little Boy's 4th grade year has begun, it's sad to think Little Miss's schooling will be out of my hands next year. In a small way, I'm anxious to be able to focus on the Little Boy's education. I will not say it's easy to be teaching two children who are so far apart in age. However, there is a bittersweet feeling with Little Miss graduating from middle to high school. I have chosen a high school program which will be fantastic for her and I can't wait for her to begin. The program is the Career Prep Diploma Program through The American Academy. One of the career and technical education electives they offer is Horse Management ~ right up her alley! It is divided into units, each with several assignments and a quiz. There is also a midterm test, and a final. The units are: Introduction to the World of Horses, Safety, Equipment and Trailering, Overview of Equine Body Systems, Nutrition and Feeding, Routine Health Care, Conformation and Lameness, Health Problems and First Aid, Life Cycle, Breeding, and Genetics, and Breeds of Horses. I'm sure she will do very well. :) I just hope there's something she will end up 'needing me' to help her with. ;)
Encouraged by our recent Assembly, we also did some brainstorming and comprised lists of our spiritual goals. There are goals LB and LM hope to reach before the last of the remaining 50 or so school days is behind us, as well as goals they hope to reach by the time we begin the 2010-2011 school year. I'm looking forward to the accomplishment of their spiritual goals and discussing a new set of goals with them soon.
So, while some things are wrapping up, some other things are just beginning. After all, does homeschooling really ever see a "last day of school?" ;) Onward to the final weeks of Suaemoc's debut year!

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