Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm like a kid in a candy store!! :P

The Little Boy's Calvert School materials arrived today. My goodness!! It's overwhelmingly amazing! :P
The curriculum is so organized. I'm in love with the Lesson Manuals!
There was an awesome Science Kit included. It has all sorts of different rock samples, metal filings, insulated wire, and other cool items that aren't commonly available in order to do experiments and research. The Little Boy's going to love this so much! He really does have a natural enthusiasm for hands-on activities.
Also included was a handy checklist of materials we'll need to stock our classroom with. We have quite a bit of the things we need, but we'll have to take a field trip to Staples to get some additional supplies. ;)
I'm exited about the online activities that go along with the lessons, too. There are videos, games, and quizzes which were developed in accordance with national and state academic standards to improve learning and provide assessments.
Don't think I'm not thrilled about the experience the Young Lady's getting! She completed her first assignment, which she had to do twice because our computer's so ancient. :S I felt bad. I was hoping to have a new computer by the time she started her course.
The instruction she's receiving online is wonderful. I love the fact that it's challenging her to express herself. There's a lot of reading involved in her curriculum, too, which is fantastic. She has one big novel assignment due within a few months. It was a bit of a bummer for me because the book's such a good one, I had her read it last year! They mailed her a copy of her own for the course, though. It'll be a great addition to our classroom library. There is another book by the same author that she's required to read, though, so we'll have to get to the public library and try to pick that one up. The assignment for that book doesn't have as much weight in her assessment as the other book does. Good thing for her she already had to read it and do a report on it. ;) (I won't allow her to use what she already did, however. She may use it as an outline or a rough draft, but she will be completely redoing the assignment.)
I'm very pleased with the children's curriculum this year. It's going to be a terrific homeschool year at Suaemoc!! :)


  1. Well done for being so organised while so much is going on for you all. when I taught my kids we were called the Calvert maiden name lol.

  2. :P That's cute!
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who names our homeschool! ;)
    (Suaemoc is Comeaus spelled backward.)