Sunday, September 12, 2010

Finally ~ a classroom!

The Little Boy and I were finally able to get Suaemoc set up today. :)
Since the Young Lady will be doing the bulk of her high school work on the computer, Suaemoc is now completely in the hands of the Little Boy. It's all decorated to his preferences and ready for learning and creativity.
This doesn't mean that he hasn't gotten started on his fourth grade studies. He's done quite well with his pretests and seems very excited about this year's curriculum. He said he loves his Social Studies book, Regions. He spent quite a bit of time looking through all the interesting historical information it contains.
The next endeavor for Suaemoc will be the purchase of a newer, more efficient computer. There are many extra online activities which correspond to the Little Boy's curriculum. The Young Lady will definitely benefit from a better system with which to work on her studies, as well.

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