Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You Know You're a Homeschooler When...

Homeschooling moms (and dads) have probably seen some of these lists before. Anyone homeschooling can come up with all kinds of witty reasons to identify themselves as homeschoolers. Every day there are little reminders that, when we stop to think about it, cause a little chuckle and make us smile to ourselves as we reflect on this wonderful group we belong to. ;)
For example, those weekday mornings at the grocery store when the children happily exclaim, "We're homeschooled!" when they sense people are looking at them and wondering why they're not "in school." The ecstatic feeling you get when UPS has left boxes on the porch...and the utter disappointment when you see the UPS truck drive by without stopping. When you're counting watching Planet Earth or Life on the Discovery Channel and bringing the pets to the vet as Science, doing Bible reading together as History, and playing on the Wii as Physical Education. There's a room in your house with a computer, copy machine, many book shelves, and educational posters and maps all over the walls. Or, you have boxes full of empty jars, soda bottles, egg cartons, toilet paper tubes, Styrofoam containers, and other ‘trash’ stored for future use. (I just picked up two boxes of empty jars from a Freecycler ~ LOL!)
Come on ~ you know it's all true. :P
I'm sure you have some humorous realities of homeschooling to add. Please feel free to do so!
Happy Unschooling Adventures! ;)

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