Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thinking SUMMER ;)

It's right around the corner. The warmest season of the year. A time of blossoming and having fun. Enjoying lazy days. Catching fireflies at night. Cookouts. Camping. Splashing in pools. Running through sprinklers.
The homeschool summer pool party evites were sent, so it must be true that it's already that time of the year. There's cooped-up restlessness to be released! Fun in the sun to be had!
Learning doesn't stop for the homeschooled, by any means.
Summer adventures pose many opportunites to enhance young minds, as well as reflect on what our Creator has blessed us with. Each and every summer day contains magnificent gems for building up our spirituality and increasing in knowledge. The more time spent out of doors, the more the children can discover, collect, and learn about the array of unique items the world contains.
Even rainy days present fun opportunities. Acting out Bible dramas. A day of playing Homeschoolopoly. ;) Suit up with boots, raincoats, and warm socks and get outside — you won't melt. Splash in the puddles. Do impressions of ducks, frogs, and fish. Search for worms for a day of fishing. And if the sun comes out, hunt for rainbows.
Play with sand-free sandboxes. Use a large plastic bin or aluminum roasting pan filled with rice or oatmeal. Give the kids some scoops, funnels, spoons, toy cars, or whatever suits their interests. :)
While the homeschool summer pool party is coming up, so is the annual homeschool picnic and book swap. Yes, in just a couple of months it'll be time to get serious about planning next year's curriculum. Yikes! For now, let's just think swinging-in-the-hammock-in-the-shade thoughts, shall we? :P

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