Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sending my child to receive an institutionalized education is right up there with the worst decisions I have ever made.
It is sad that the best education poses financial hardships. If it were not for the cost of the Little Boy's fifth grade curriculum, he would not have been downgraded to public school. My lesson is being learned, however.
Not only is the Little Boy being set back in his education, but our family has already been bombarded with all kinds of things the school wants us to buy and/or provide. I am a bit floored that he is working on place values, gravity, and proper nouns as a fifth grader when these were things we did as part of third and early fourth grade homeschool curriculum. As far as book clubs, school gear, and fundraisers, I am trying not to allow myself to be sucked in. It is already picture time at school, too. The company they use takes the photos and sends the kids home with a complete package in hopes that no one will send some of it back and just buy the whole thing. I think the pictures I take of my children come out better than school pictures. Without purchasing a package, though, your child is deprived of the class composite. Another aspect of the business side of public education and how parents are sucked into spending money.
When I hear the comments that the Little Boy should "breeze through" fifth grade since he has already done the stuff they are teaching, I want to scream. Children deserve challenges and opportunities to excel. Limiting them to the pace of twenty-or-so other students horrifies me. No child left behind? Apparently not! Public school keeps ALL children behind. The Little Boy has not been publicly educated even a month yet and I already want to vomit every day. How am I going to make it through until June?
Thank goodness the Young Lady is not even entertaining the idea of public high school!
I will always advocate for the best education there is, that which can not be found in a government institution.
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