Friday, January 22, 2010

100th Day Scavenger Hunt

The children had fun searching for 100 things matching 100 descriptions. :)

Little Miss had to be peeled away from the something "soft" she found...

After finding all there was to find at home, we decided to head outside.
What better place to explore than...


There are many things to be found at the barn, that's for sure! The Little Boy thought the barn wall matched the description of "multi-colored" and thought it most funny when Cyclone tried to steal the snack he brought ~ a baggie full of peanuts and cashews. :)
Having a difficult time trying to find something that begins with the letter K proved much easier when catching sight of the kindling for the fireplace.
Little Miss, of course, made the horses run and play in order to have a LOPING HORSE for something that begins with L, and a PRANCING HORSE for something that begins with P. ;) She took pride in the fact that the horses' stalls were something she could list for "clean".

Little Miss found it difficult to find something that changes, but finally ended up deciding on "trees".

The Little Boy thought the easiest thing to find was something that opens and closes because there was a gate right in front of him.
Little Miss chose something flat as the easiest thing for her to find and decided right away that the floor fit the description.

And yes...

...there really are ITTY BITTY PINE CONES! :P

Some of the children's answers surprised me, and after I pointed out a bunch of other items that fit the category, they were surprised that the obvious wasn't so obvious. ;) It was a fun activity in Suaemoc's continued celebration of reaching the 100th day of school hurdle.

Now...there's only 80 days to go! :)

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