Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shining's Orphan and Saving Shiloh

Little Miss is reading Shining's Orphan, by Joanna Campbell. She states that, so far, the book is very interesting. "Samantha McLean was going to check on her orphan foals when she spotted a young girl cuddled up with them, sound asleep." Take note ~ the book has to do with horses. :P Anyway, she continues: "She woke the little girl and she told her that her name was Cindy and she ran away from her foster home. Samantha felt bad for Cindy after she told her what she had gone through and she let her come into the house. They've been trying to keep her there because she loves the horses and is a big help. I think, in the end, Samantha will talk her parents and the authorities into letting Cindy stay at Whitebrook Farm, where she will be happy and never run away."

The Little Boy is reading Saving Shiloh, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. He isn't as far along in his reading as the Little Miss is, but says he thinks he's going to like this story "because it's about a family who saves a dog, just like us." :)

As you can see, the children are closely supervised while doing their reading. :P I trust Scribbles' supervisory skills completely. Nothing gets by her.
Both children will write a summary about the books they're reading, as they have done with other books they've read. This is the first time, though, they were allowed to pick their books. In an attempt to broaden their horizons I had previously chosen their books for them. We will see how their enthusiasm compares when they are reading books of their own choosing. ;)

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