Thursday, October 22, 2009

Home IS Cool!

Mid-October already. Hard to believe!

Everyone's settled in to the home school routine. We still have some days that are more smooth than others, but that's the way it is for all classrooms. It doesn't bring us down or dampen our home school spirit! ;)

'Suaemoc' has been adopted as our home school 'name.' We think it's a good fit for us ~ in more ways than one! :D

At the moment, our classroom is torn apart and ready to be moved. That doesn't mean that education has stopped! We're getting by ~ working in the living room on television trays next to stacks of workbooks and other materials. It will be exciting to have our *new and improved* classroom in our new home. Can't wait to see what adventures lie ahead!

The inquisitive students have been taking on a variety of projects and have really been showing their crafty sides. It's been wonderful to see their imagination going wild! Their work in all areas has really proven that without limitations, these two have impressive little minds. <3

They were given an 'across the curriculum' test packet today. Both worked extremely hard. While the little boy has yet to get his test packet completed, little miss finished hers and did an excellent job. She had 366 questions ~ that's alot! ~ and received a 'grade' of 82%. There was quite a bit that has yet to be covered, but by applying logic and working things out, both kids have shown their academic talent. I hope to have the little boy's 'grade' tomorrow. ;)

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